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Art & Design

We have adopted the Kapow Scheme of Work for Art and Design. We have chosen these schemes because of the progression in skills and thorough coverage. We found the lessons to be well planned and well resourced. We particularly liked the video clips to show teachers and children the stages in the process and the end point. We have sequenced the units so they support learning in other subjects e.g. Human Form is taught in Year 2 when the children are learning about Animals including Humans in science. 


Art and Design

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 1

Sculpture and Collages – Living Things

Formal Elements of Art - Water

Collage using Different Media - Castles

Art and Design Skills – including 2D shapes

Year 2

Formal Elements of Art

Human Form

Sculpture and Mixed Media - Superheroes

Art and Design Skills

Year 3

Prehistoric Art

Art and Design Skills – Tints, Shade,


Craft – Mood Boards and Weaving

Bronze Age Pots and Seals – clay (optional unit)

Formal Elements – Shape, Light to Dark

Year 4

Every Picture Tells a Story


Art and Design Skills

Formal Elements - Printing, Reflection, Symmetry

Year 5

Art and Design Skills

Design for a Purpose

Every Picture Tells a Story

Formal Elements of Art: Architecture

Year 6

Still Life – Memory Box

Make My Voice Heard

Art Design Skills including William Morris