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Gordon Primary School


Design & Technology 


We have adopted the Kapow Scheme of Work  for DT. We have chosen these schemes because of the progression in skills and thorough coverage. We found the lessons to be well planned and well resourced. We particularly liked the video clips to show teachers and children the stages in the process and the end point. We have sequenced the units so they support learning in other subjects e.g. Electrical systems: Torches is taught in Year 4 when the children are learning about electricity. We have planned the units when the children make toys for the second half of the Autumn Term when the children could give the toy as a gift.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 1

Food: Fruit and Vegetables

Mechanisms: Wheels and Axles

Textiles: Puppets

Structures: Constructing a Windmill

Mechanisms: Making a Moving Story Book

Year 2

Mechanisms: Making a Moving Monster

Textiles: Pouches

Food: A Balanced Diet

Structures: Baby Bear’s Chair

Mechanisms: Fairground Wheel

Year 3

Textiles: Cushions

Mechanical Systems: Pneumatic Toys

Digital World: Electronic Charm

Electrical Systems: Static Electricity

Structures: Constructing a Castle

Food: Eating Seasonally

Year 4

Digital World: Mindfulness Moments Timer

Mechanical Systems: Making a Slingshot Car

Textiles: Fastenings

Electrical Systems: Torches

Food: Adapting a Recipe

Structure: Pavilion

Year 5

Mechanical Systems: Pop-up Books

Textiles: Stuffed Toys

Structure: Bridges

Digital World: Monitoring Devices

Electrical Systems: Electronic Greetings Cards

Food: What could be Healthier?

Year 6

Textiles: Waistcoats

Mechanical Systems: Automata Toys

Structure: Playgrounds

Digital World: Navigating the World

Electric Systems: Steady Hand Game

Food: Come Dine With Me