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In Year 1, children learn about things within living memory and they also learn about dinosaurs which existed before humans. The dinosaur topic is locally significant because of the fossils found in Abbey Wood and in Folkestone. Children also learn about the Tudor Barn which is very close to our school. In Year 2, children learn about significant events and people. They learn about two events and three people so they are able to look at similarities and differences. In addition, children in Year 2 find out about the history of Eltham Palace and they will be able to compare Eltham Palace with the Tudor Barn which they learnt about in Year 1.

In Key Stage 2, history is taught in chronological order. The children develop a sound understanding of chronology which will enable them have the confidence, subject knowledge and skills to compare and contrast different periods.



Autumn 1


Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 1

Near and Far

Toys and Games – changes within living memory

History of the Tudor Barn and Well Hall Pleasaunce

Dinosaurs Fossil hunting in Abbey Wood and Folkestone

Year 2

People and Events

The Plague and the Great Fire of London – significant events

Neil Armstrong – significant individual

History of Eltham Palace

Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole – significant individuals

Year 3

Continuity and Change

Stone Age in Britain

Bronze Age River civilisations

Bronze Age in Britain

Year 4

Rise and Fall

Iron Age in Britain

Iron Age Empires: Ancient Persian Empire (overview) 

Ancient (Classical) Greece (in depth) 


Year 5

Invasions and Resistance

Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in Britain


WW2 and Battle of Britain – significant turning point in British history

Year 6

Power and Influence

Early Mayan Civilisation


Local History study: growth of Eltham