Gordon Primary School

Gordon Primary School


Year 1 Learning - Summer 2022

Welcome to Year 1

Mrs Bishp[, Halo Class cbishop@gordon.greenwich.sch.uk

Mrs HIll, Halo Class ihill@gordon.greenwich.sch.uk 

Ms Kemp, Europa Class ekemp@gordon.greenwich.sch.uk 


Learning at Gordon Primary School is broad with a wide range of engaging experiences to reinforce key concepts in every subject; it is balanced so that children get a full and rich curriculum containing all of the subjects and it is implemented well so that children remember in the long term what they have been taught. We place priority on the children’s personal, social and emotional development because we know that is key to a successful school career and life more generally. Every child receives a full and rich curriculum with all of the subjects. We believe this engages and meets the needs of all children and we value success in non-core subjects as highly as we do the more traditional academic subjects.


This term we will be working on the following topics:


Our focus texts will be Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin and Nibbles The Book Monster by Emma Yarlett. Through these texts we will draft and write by composing and rehearsing sentences orally and sequence sentences to form short narratives. In our narrative work, we will create settings, characters and plots We will write for different purposes including about fictional personal experiences and fictional narratives. We will also re-read our own writing to check it makes sense.

When reading, we will begin to increase familiarity with a range of books, explain and discuss understanding and discuss the sequence of events in them. We will answer and ask questions about what has been read.

In phonics sessions we will revise graphemes, tricky and high frequency words from Phase 5 and look at alternative pronunciations of graphemes.



We will be using the Maths No Problem scheme to support our mathematical learning. We will be introduced to multiplication through making equal groups and rows of objects and pictures. We will then continue on to division where we will group and share objects and pictures equally.

In fractions we will be learning about making halves and quarters before moving on to making the connection between fractions and division.

We will be introduced to the basics of time and money as well as learning about volume and capacity and mass.

In number we will reinforce some concepts previously taught in addition to increasing the complexity of number comparisons and number patterns. We will begin by counting in tens and ones, followed by using number bonds to partition numbers. After this, we will start to compare numbers to 100 and find number patterns looking at 100-charts.



We will be studying two science topics this term. In Plants we will be looking closely at what different plants look like. We will observe how a plant grows from a seed, learn about where seeds come from and find out what they need to be able to grow. We will also be looking at different types of trees and leaves. We will continue to learn about the different seasons and observe the changes that happen in the Spring and Summer.



We will be looking at the history of the Tudor barn and its significance in the local area.


Art & Design                

We will be developing a landscape piece of artwork thinking about composition, textures, colours and collage design.



In Music this term, Year 1 will be using the traditional tale Jack and the Beanstalk, and using tuned percussion to learn about and recognise changes in pitch. After half term, they will be looking at dynamics and duration through rhythm patterns, in preparation for music reading and recorder playing (that begins in Year 2).



Programming A -  We will explore moving a floor robot using individual commands. We will identify what each floor robot command does and use that knowledge to start predicting the outcome of programs. We will also be introduced to the early stages of program design through the introduction of algorithms.

Programming B  – We will be introduced to on-screen programming through ScratchJr. We will use programming blocks to use, modify, and create programs. We will also be introduced to the early stages of program design through the introduction of algorithms.


Design Technology (DT)            

We will design, decorate and make and join a puppet based on fairy tales.


Physical Education (PE)              

This term we are continuing sessions with Coach Foster, focusing on athletics in preparation for Sports Day.      


Religious Education (RE)          

In Islam we will learn about why the Prophet Muhammad is important to Muslims. We will learn stories from the life of the Prophet Muhammad and will also be learning about the Qu’ran and how it must be treated with respect. We will also learn about the Islamic place of worship and the first call to prayer.

We will also be further developing our understanding of Hindu celebrations.


Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE) / Relationships & Sex Education (RSE)

Physical health and mental wellbeing – we will learn about what it means to be healthy, about different types of play and people who can help us to stay healthy.

Growing and changing – We will recognise what makes us special and unique, how to manage and whom to tell when we are finding things difficult and how to recognise feelings in ourselves and others.

Keeping safe – We will learn about how to keep safe online, why some things have age restrictions and who to tell if we see something that makes us feel unhappy, worried or scared.



Please note the following events and add them to your diary:

  • Science Workshops – Friday 22nd April 2022
  • Local Elections – Thursday 5th May 2022. Voting takes place in the Sports Hall. The school is open to pupils.
  • Platinum Jubilee: Picnic in the Playground – Friday 27th May
  • Half term holiday – week beginning Monday 30th May
  • Phonics Screening Check – week beginning Monday 6th June
  • Gordon Exhibition – week beginning Monday 27th June
  • Open Afternoon – Thursday 30th June
  • Last day of the Summer Term – Thursday 21st July



  • Your child should read for 10 minutes every day. It is also important that an adult reads to your child every day. Please talk to your child about the book and check their understanding by asking questions about events and the characters’ actions. Please also explain new or unfamiliar vocabulary. Their bookbag should come into school every day. (EYFS + KS1)
  • Your child will have PE on Wednesday. Their PE kit should stay in school in a named draw-string bag.
  • Your child needs to bring in a water bottle every day.
  • Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly named.
  • As the weather gets warmer over the next few weeks the children will need to have applied sun cream before school and bring a hat.
  • We are a Healthy School. Please do not put sweets or chocolate bars in your child’s packed lunch. Please do not send in sweets or other treats when it is your child’s birthday. If you want to celebrate your child’s birthday with their classmates, you could buy the class a book, send in a healthy snack such as boxes of raisins or buy stationery such as a pencil, but due to the impact on the environment, we ask you not to send in plastic toys.
  • If your child will be absent from school, please contact the school office: 020 8850 5486 and leave a message detailing why your child is absent. If your child has had an upset stomach they should remain at home until they have been clear of symptoms for 48 hours. Please try to book medical appointments outside of the school day and note that family holidays will not be authorised.
  • Weekly information is posted on Google Classrooms on a Friday but please check regularly for updates.

If you have any questions or wish to raise a concern, please contact the class teacher in the first instance. Please use the email addresses above.