Gordon Primary School

Gordon Primary School


Year 3 Learning - Summer 2022

Welcome to Year 3

Ms Carter, Cosmos Class acarter@gordon.greenwich.sch.uk 

Mr James, Asteroid Class cjames@gordon.greenwich.sch.uk 


Learning at Gordon Primary School is broad with a wide range of engaging experiences to reinforce key concepts in every subject; it is balanced so that children get a full and rich curriculum containing all of the subjects and it is implemented well so that children remember in the long term what they have been taught. We place priority on the children’s personal, social and emotional development because we know that is key to a successful school career and life more generally. Every child receives a full and rich curriculum with all of the subjects. We believe this engages and meets the needs of all children and we value success in non-core subjects as highly as we do the more traditional academic subjects.


This term we will be working on the following topics:


Our focus texts will be Secrets of a Sun King, There’s a pharaoh in my Bath and Cinderella of the Nile. While exploring these texts we will learn to extend our sentences using a wide variety of conjunctions. We will create longer narratives using a range of tenses, including the Present Perfect Form. We will also ensure there is clarity and cohesion within our paragraphs with the appropriate use of nouns and pronouns. We will create characters, settings and plots using descriptive devices efficiently, such as noun phases and fronted adverbials.

When assessing the effectiveness of our writing, we will suggest improvements for spellings, punctuation as well as correct use of grammar. We will also propose changes to our vocabulary to make our writing more interesting and engaging.

When reading, we will justify our answers, opinions and arguments. Further to this, we will discuss our understanding by predicting what might happen next from details stated and implied. We will also draw inferences and justify them using accurate evidence from the text.



We will be using the Maths No problem scheme to support our mathematical learning.

We will be learning about fractions, comparing, ordering and finding equivalent fractions. We will apply this knowledge to solving word problems, using bar modelling as a key strategy.

When learning about time, we will use the minute and hour hands and the 24-hour clock. We will measure and compare time in seconds, hours and minutes.

We will be learning how to draw, measure and compare angles. We will identify the properties of lines and shapes, and find the perimeter of shapes.



We will be studying two science topics this term. In Animals including Humans we will identify and group animals with and without skeletons and observe and compare their movement, exploring ideas about what would happen if humans did not have skeletons. We will compare and contrast the diets of different animals (including pets) and decide ways of grouping them according to what they eat. we will also research different food groups and how they keep us healthy and design meals based on what they find out.

In our study of Plants we will compare the effect of different factors on plant growth, for example, the amount of light, the amount of fertiliser. We will discover how seeds are formed by observing the different stages of plant life cycles over a period of time and look for patterns in the structure of fruits that relate to how the seeds are dispersed. We will observe how water is transported in plants, for example, by putting cut, white carnations into coloured water and observing how water travels up the stem to the flowers.



In History we will look at Bronze Age River Civilizations including an in-depth study of Ancient Egypt. This will complement the ancient Egypt themed books we are studying in our English lessons. We will learn about Ancient Egyptian beliefs and how these affected their way of life including farming, settlements and burials.



We will learn about rivers, including naming the various stages of a river’s course. We will study the water cycle and conclude with a look at the River Nile and its features in the present day.


Art & Design             

In our Art lessons we will explore design, drawing, craft, painting and art appreciation – creating puppets, drawing from observation, learning the difference between a tint and a shade and creating a version of a cartoon drawn by a famous illustrator.



We will be looking at two pieces of music about rivers: Symphonic Poem - Vltava by Smetana, and then Waltz - The Blue Daube by Strauss. We will be learning about texture, dynamics and tempo and using this within composition and music technology.

Recorder sessions will run alongside this topic that we continue to build on what we learnt last term.



This term we will be using Scratch to learn basic coding skills. The children will be introduced to a selection of motion, sound, and event blocks which they will use to create their own programs, featuring sequences.

In our second programming unit we will build on these skills, concluding with learners designing and coding their own maze tracing program.


Design Technology (DT)             

In our unit Mechanical systems: Pneumatic toys we will explore pneumatic systems, then apply this understanding to design and make a pneumatic toy including thumbnail sketches and exploded diagrams.


Physical Education (PE)                

During our PE sessions we will continue to develop our ball skills, athletics ability and dance skills with professional sports coaches.  



We will be learning key vocabulary and phrases through the following topics: Ma famille and Bon Anniversaire!         


Religious Education (RE)              

In our lessons on Judaism we will be learning about Shabbat and The Torah and exploring early Judaism and its connections with Ancient Egypt.


Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE) and Relationships & Sex Education (RSE)

Our topics this term are: Physical health and mental wellbeing, Growing and changing, Keeping safe.

We will discuss the importance of diet and exercise to a healthy lifestyle. We will begin to recognise how feelings can change overtime and become more or less powerful and develop basic strategies to manage and reframe setbacks e.g. asking for help, focusing on what they can learn from a setback, remembering what they are good at, trying again.

The children will discuss ways to help keep themselves safe in the local environment or unfamiliar places, including road, rail, water and firework safety.



Please note the following events and add them to your diary:

  • Science Workshops – Friday 22nd April
  • Gordon Day: Celebration of Music and Song (Years 3 & 4) – Thursday 28th April (afternoon)
  • Local Elections – Thursday 5th May 2022. Voting takes place in the Sports Hall. The school is open to pupils.
  • Platinum Jubilee: Picnic in the Playground – Friday 27th May
  • Half term holiday – week beginning Monday 30th May
  • Gordon Exhibition – week beginning Monday 27th June
  • Open Afternoon – Thursday 30th June
  • Last day of the Summer Term – Thursday 21st July 


  • Your child should read to an adult for 15 minutes three times a week and independently every day. It is also important that an adult reads to your child regularly. Please talk to your child about the book and check their understanding by asking questions about events and the characters’ actions. Please also explain new or unfamiliar vocabulary. Their bookbag should come into school every day.
  • Your child will have PE on Wednesday and Thursday. Their PE kit should stay in school in a named draw-string bag. Please make sure your child has an outdoor PE kit consisting of jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt. 
  • Your child needs to bring in a water bottle every day.
  • The weather is often warm at this time of year and it is important that your child applies sunscreen before coming to school on hot days. A sunhat is also recommended.
  • We are a Healthy School. Please do not put sweets or chocolate bars in your child’s packed lunch. Please do not send in sweets or other treats when it is your child’s birthday. If you want to celebrate your child’s birthday with their classmates, you could buy the class a book, send in a healthy snack such as boxes of raisins or buy stationery such as a pencil, but due to the impact on the environment, we ask you not to send in plastic toys.
  • If your child will be absent from school, please contact the school office: 020 8850 5486 and leave a message detailing why your child is absent. If your child has had an upset stomach they should remain at home until they have been clear of symptoms for 48 hours. Please try to book medical appointments outside of the school day and note that family holidays will not be authorised.
  • If you have any questions or wish to raise a concern, please contact the class teacher in the first instance. Please use the email addresses above.