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Art & Design

What children learn in art and design lessons

We want children to think and behave like artists. We want children to hone their skills to such an extent that they can go on to have careers within art and design and make use of art effectively in their everyday lives.

Our children will gain experience and skills of a wide range of formal elements of art in a way that will enhance their learning opportunities, enabling them to use art and design across a range of subjects to be creative and solve problems, ensuring they make progress.


Our approach to teaching art and design

We follow a broad and balanced art and design curriculum that is progressive, builds on previous learning and provides both support and challenge. We follow a programme that covers all aspects of the art and design curriculum, explores all media and is enhanced by studying various artists from different cultures and periods.

There is a focus on revisiting concepts and vocabulary to help the children to retain knowledge and skills.

The subject is embedded in our whole school curriculum and opportunities for using it to enhance learning in other areas are taken.


Children’s achievements in art and design

Our children enjoy and value art and design and know why they are developing skills as well as how they are improving. Children learn to understand and appreciate the value of art and design in the context of their personal wellbeing and within the creative and cultural industries with their many career opportunities.

The art and design curriculum contributes to children’s personal development in creativity, independence, judgement and self-reflection. This is seen when children talk confidently and sharing their work with others.