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Physical Education

What children learn in PE lessons

We want children to think and behave like an athlete. We want children to develop a skills-based approach to learning that will help them make connections between sports so they will develop skills and understand key concepts and sport vocabulary. Children will develop an enthusiasm for sport and exercise whilst experiencing a range of physical activities.


Our approach to teaching PE

Children are taught how to develop physical abilities whilst building skills such as fairness, honesty, collaboration and respect. They are taught to use and apply disciplinary knowledge, the importance of teamwork and ambition, and the value of individual goals. Children will build up and extend their substantive knowledge of a variety of sports. There is a focus on recurring concepts and vocabulary to help children retain knowledge, make connections between past learning and help them make sense of future learning. 


Children’s achievements in PE

Children express what they know, remember and can do across a range of sports in ways that showcase the substantive knowledge they have gained. They will be able to articulate what an athlete does and how they behave, both individually and as a member of a team. They will have embedded a love of sport and fitness.