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Year 6 SATS Results 2022

13 July 2022 (by JTaylor)

Back in May 2022, the Year 6 SATS test took place for the first time in three years. Provisional results were released at the beginning of July and we are delighted that our pupils achieved results above the national average in all subjects.

READING     Gordon 90%     National 74%

WRITING      Gordon 81%     National 69%

GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION & SPELLING      Gordon 81%     National 72%

MATHS      Gordon 77%     National 71%

SCIENCE     Gordon 85%     National 79%

READING/WRITING/MATHS COMBINED     Gordon 73%     National 59%

The Reading/Writing/Maths combined score is generally seen as the one indicator of how well the children are learning, as it measures the consistency of teaching across a range of subjects. We are delighted that our pupils achieved a score which is 14% higher than the national.