Gordon Primary School

Gordon Primary School


Nursery Learning - Spring 2022

Welcome to Nursery

Mrs Miller, Moon Class lmiller@gordon.greenwich.sch.uk 


Welcome to Spring term in Moon Class. We would also like to say a big welcome to all the children and their families who are new to our Nursery in January. The new children will initially be settling in to our routines and the ‘older’ children will be encouraged to show increasing independence in all areas of learning and to develop their social skills.

During their time at Nursery our children follow a play-based curriculum. This takes place through a range of stimulating and engaging activities which allow children to explore, communicate, question and develop their understanding. The children will have opportunities to learn skills through focused activities and independent play and, as each child starts in the Nursery with their own particular experiences, their learning journey will follow their individual needs within the Reformed Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. They will be learning skills through our topics on:

Celebrations – New Year/Chinese New Year/Mother’s Day/Easter

Keeping Healthy – Making healthy choices about food, drink, activity and dental care.

Shape Up – Exploring 2D and 3D shapes

Transport – Finding out about different types of transport, particularly through stories


Learning in the seven areas in the EYFS curriculum includes:

Communication, Language and Literacy

  • Activities to encourage the development of focused attention and listening skills, receptive and expressive language and social communication skills.
  • Listening to, joining in with and recalling a wide range of stories, rhymes and songs.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Settling new children and developing independence skills.
  • Understanding and following rules.
  • Understanding about goals and challenges in Nursery and setting a healthy challenge at home.


Physical Development

  • Participating in group/team physical activities led by our Sports Coach.
  • Continuing to develop the use of one-handed tools such as scissors, tweezers, hole punch, tools at forest school.
  • Refining gross/fine motor skills to promote good pen grip.



  • Begin to develop phonological awareness through rhyming activities and listening for sounds in words using the Little Wandle Foundations for Phonics guidelines.
  • Begin to understand about key concepts in print particularly through quality texts such as:




Tanka Tanka Skunk


Smile, Crocodile, Smile Mr Gumpy's Motor Car (Mr Gumpy, 2) Perfect Square




  • Continue our number journey by using the Numberblocks. We will investigate each number individually to help to embed the value of the number.
  • Explore measuring length, weight and capacity using non-standard measurements such as unifix cubes, balancing scales and containers.
  • Investigate repeating patterns e.g. making fruit kebabs


Understanding the World

  • Talk about the differences between materials and changes they notice, especially through activities such as cooking noodles, exploring ice and other sensory materials.
  • Begin to understand about different countries, cultures and families through stories and celebrations
  • Show interest in different occupations especially through role-play e.g. Health Centre


Expressive Arts and Design

  • Develop imaginative play through role-play e.g. Health Centre, Fitness Centre and small world environments.
  • Exploring different materials and develop ideas about how to use them and what to make e.g. modelling using recyclable resources
  • Explore colour and colour mixing




  • Forest School sessions will be running throughout the term on Mondays. Please refer to the Forest School section on our website for further information.


  • ‘Lending Library’ is on a Friday. Please ensure your child brings in their book bag and Reading Record on that day, or every day if they wish to. Please read with your child on a daily basis and talk to them about the book and check their understanding by asking questions about events and the characters’ actions. Please also explain new or unfamiliar vocabulary.


  • We collect a voluntary donation of 50p per week at the end of sessions on Fridays to pay for snacks and other miscellaneous resources. Alternatively, you can pay £3.00 at the beginning of each half term, if that is more convenient. Thank you.


  • Please ensure that your child brings a warm waterproof coat each day as we spend lots of time enjoying the outdoors. Please ensure outdoor clothing, cardigans, jumpers, etc. are clearly named.


  • If your child is not going to be in Nursery please inform the school office/teacher by phone/email.


  • If your child is to be collected by someone who is not familiar to the Nursery staff, please inform us in advance.


  • FoG (Friends of the Gordon) have stocks of pre-loved school uniform at prices ranging from 75p. If you have any urgent requirements please let Mrs Miller know. Alternatively, there will be a sale at the end of the Spring term – date to be confirmed so please check the weekly newsletter.


  • We are a Healthy School. Please do not send in sweets or other treats when it is your child’s birthday. If you want to celebrate your child’s birthday with their classmates, you could buy the class a book, send in a healthy snack such as boxes of raisins or buy stationery such as pencils, but due to the impact on the environment, we ask you not to send in plastic toys.



Please note the following events and add them to your diary:

  • Open Evening – week beginning Monday 7th February 2022.
  • Deadline for Reception Applications – Saturday 15th January 2022