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Year 4 Learning - Spring 2022

Welcome to Year 4

Mrs Faiers, Andromeda Class afaiers@gordon.greenwich.sch.uk  

Ms Deacon, Discovery Class sdeacon@gordon.greenwich.sch.uk

Learning at Gordon Primary School is broad with a wide range of engaging experiences to reinforce key concepts in every subject; it is balanced so that children get a full and rich curriculum containing all of the subjects and it is implemented well so that children remember in the long term what they have been taught. We place priority on the children’s personal, social and emotional development because we know that is key to a successful school career and life more generally. Every child receives a full and rich curriculum with all of the subjects. We believe this engages and meets the needs of all children and we value success in non-core subjects as highly as we do the more traditional academic subjects.

This term we will be working on the following topics:


Our focus texts will be The Wild Robot and a variety of Greek myths. Through these texts we will draft and write by composing and rehearsing sentences orally, sequence sentences to form short narratives. In narrative, we will create settings, characters and plot. We will write for different purposes including about fictional personal experiences and fictional narratives. We will also edit writing to check it makes sense and make improvements to engage the reader.

When reading, we will be reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts and answering questions focusing on retrieval and inference.



We will be using the Maths No Problem scheme to support our mathematical learning. We will be working further on multiplication and division using partitioning and the expanded and compact column method for multiplication and we will be beginning to use long division when solving division calculations. Additionally, we will be interpreting and drawing picture, bar and line graphs. In our topic on fractions, we will be finding equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and finally simplifying fractions. Our last topic of the Spring Term is Time where we will be converting between minutes and seconds, and hours and minutes.



We will be studying two science topics this term. In Sound we will be learning how sound travels and what mediums it can travel through. We will be conducting experiments focusing on pitch. This will be followed by Electricity where we will be identifying electrical appliances, identifying and sorting materials into electrical conductors or insulators and identifying parts of a circuit.



In our Ancient Greek topic, we will be learning about the two states Sparta and Athens, Ancient Greek warfare, beliefs of the Ancient Greeks, and their daily life.



We will be looking at modern Greece studying its location, climate, terrain, traditions and daily life.


Art & Design              

In our sculpture lessons we will be using recycled materials to make maracas decorated in patterns inspired by West African art. Using wax resist techniques, we will be decorating drums made from recycled materials. We will be creating fruity face collages in the style of Arcimboldo. We will be exploring the work of Sokari Douglas and using their work as inspiration for out own sculptures.



We will be continuing with the 1st Access instruments project this term. The children will be moving onto their second instruments (either trombone or violin) and learning about instrument care, playing techniques, notation and rhythm.



During the Spring Term, we will be manipulating images using an image editor to change how the images look and using different tools to edit an image and talk about our choices. Following on from this, we will be thinking about different data that can be collected over time and about the data that would be needed to answer different questions, looking at the input devices computers can use to capture data and using a digital device called a data logger, which can collect data


Design Technology (DT)               

We will be designing and creating a slingshot car taking into consideration slipstream, body design and speed. Following that we will be linking our science knowledge of electricity to designing, building and using torches.


Physical Education (PE)                

We will be working with sports coaches to develop ball skills and tennis skills. We will also continue with swimming lessons. Discovery Class will swim from 31st January to 11th February. Andromeda Class will swim from 7th to 18th March.



We will be learning key vocabulary and phrases through the following topics: Encore! and Quelle-heure est-il?


Religious Education (RE)              

We will be studying Buddhism looking at their beliefs and worship. Followed by looking at Buddhism in the community throughout the world.


Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE) and Relationships & Sex Education (RSE)

As part of Belonging to a Community, we will be considering the meaning and benefits of living in a community, recognising that we belong to different communities as well as the school community, learning about the different groups that make up and contribute to a community and about the individuals and groups that help the local community, including through volunteering.

In Media Literacy & Digital Resilience we will work to understand that everything shared online has a digital footprint, that organisations can use personal information to encourage people to buy things, recognising what online adverts look like, comparing content shared for factual purposes and for advertising.

In Money & Work we will find out how people make different spending decisions based on their budget, values and needs, how to keep track of money and why it is important to know how much is being spent, about different ways to pay for things such as cash, cards, e-payment and the reasons for using them and that how people spend money can have positive or negative effects on others e.g. charities, single use plastics.



Please note the following events and add them to your diary:

  • Open Evening – week beginning 7th February 2022.
  • Myths and Masks at Greenwich Royal Navy College - Tuesday 22nd February 2022
  • Half Term break - Monday 14th to Friday 18th February 2022.



  • Your child should read to an adult for 15 minutes three times a week and independently every day. It is also important that an adult reads to your child regularly. Please talk to your child about the book and check their understanding by asking questions about events and the characters’ actions. Please also explain new or unfamiliar vocabulary. Their bookbag should come into school every day.
  • Your child will have PE on Wednesday and Thursday. Their PE kit should stay in school in a named draw-string bag. Please make sure your child has an outdoor PE kit consisting of jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt. We will be having a two-week block of intensive swimming lessons. Dates will be confirmed soon.
  • Your child needs to bring in a water bottle every day.
  • The weather is often cold at this time of year and the children will go out to play if there is light rain. It is important that your child has a waterproof coat, gloves, hat and a scarf.
  • We are a Healthy School. Please do not put sweets or chocolate bars in your child’s packed lunch. Please do not send in sweets or other treats when it is your child’s birthday. If you want to celebrate your child’s birthday with their classmates, you could buy the class a book, send in a healthy snack such as boxes of raisins or buy stationery such as a pencil, but due to the impact on the environment, we ask you not to send in plastic toys.
  • If your child will be absent from school, please contact the school office: 020 8850 5486 and leave a message detailing why your child is absent. If your child has had an upset stomach they should remain at home until they have been clear of symptoms for 48 hours. Please try to book medical appointments outside of the school day and note that family holidays will not be authorised.
  • If you have any questions or wish to raise a concern, please contact the class teacher in the first instance. Please use the email addresses above.